The National Leadership Center is located in a natural grove that overlooks the magnificent landscape and nature of the city of Ariel.

The National Leadership Center in Ariel was established in 2010 and offers an experiential leadership program. Since its establishment, over 100 thousand guests have participated in activities.

The National Leadership Center in Ariel provides Leadership Training to a variety of participants, including the IDF, the Israel Police, and other Security Forces; Also, the Ministry of Education, through which we reach youth from all parts of Israel. Corporate groups from the private sector are also part of our increasing list of clients.

We encourage participants to clarify their purpose in life and to learn about the spirit of biblical leadership through the personal application of these values in their lives.

Our Vision

"To renew the Israeli spirit for servant leadership in future generations."

Our Mission

To develop a personal model in the State of Israel through challenging and experiential training, in order to instill values in the spirit of biblical ethics and to look forward to the future.

The NLC's activities are based on four main components:
  1. Personal empowerment.
  2. Developing teamwork.
  3. Processing and debriefing talks.
  4. The integration of the Biblical story and Biblical heroes.
The rationale behind the guided activity

Our educational approach combines personal and group development and empowerment, with experiential experience in the facilities. The content is based on leadership development, touching on different leadership types and leaders in the past and present. The educational program was built in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, with an in-depth consideration of the essential elements that must be instilled in every person. How each person can express him or herself, how each person has a meaning and can affect first of all himself and thus also his surroundings.

We adjust the day of activity according to the goals and needs of the group and in full coordination with the group leaders.

Our motto

"I heard - and forgot, I saw - and remembered, I did - and understood"


The National Leadership Center operates according to the highest safety standards, in accordance with the Director General of the Ministry of Education and the ACCT. The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) is the world’s leading and largest American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer focused specifically and solely on the challenge course industry.